What is ego and how to deal with ego

What is Ego and how to deal with it

What is ego, how to recognize it and how to deal with it so it doesn’t sabotage your personal growth?

Let’s start from the beginning.

You’ve heard about it so many times, you have used the word dozens or hundreds of times, and you’ve probably been ego-tripping and not even knowing it. 

If you want to learn what is ego, how to deal with it and how is ego connected with your personal development and spiritual growth, keep reading. 

So, what is Ego?

Ego is basically a sense of Self. It is what you think you are, based on your personal life story. 

Throughout your entire life, since very early childhood, you have been collecting information and you kept them in your brain storage. 

Your interaction with others, at first with your parents and then with everyone else is what has made you the person you are today. 

Ego is a vivid collection of your experiences, interactions, beliefs, imprints and feelings that you have been building yourself up of through your entire life. 

Everything you have heard about you, all you have been told, every sensation you ever felt from others towards you and all of your own emotions you have experienced created this veil you wrapped around yourself. 

If you have been told by your parents that you are wild, you’ve put a label saying ‘wild’ on yourself. If you have heard your parents saying to someone else ‘she/he is so not organized’, you’ve labeled yourself as such. The more you have heard a certain word or a label, the more importance you have given it and the more of it you have become, one way or another. 

There is much more to all of this, such as character, will, consciousness, heart, and spirit, but I’ll keep it simplified here and stick to the basics. 

Basically, it is like you have been building yourself up like a building, brick by brick, and the house that is never to be finished – because we are all a work of eternal progress – is EGO. 

What is ego and how to deal with ego
You are not your ego

Ego is what separates you from other people, it’s what makes you ‘unique’, ‘authentic’, your own, speaking in the terms physical life on Earth.

But – *drum rolls* –  Ego is NOT who you are.

Ego is only your avatar, your mask you have been placing on yourself since early childhood interacting with others. It is what you THINK YOU ARE.

It is your mind’s creation and as such is – fake. 

How does the Ego affect us?

But still, the ego is very necessary for us because in this world as we know it today it would be impossible to survive for beings open and intact as children up to 3 or so years are. 

When we are born, we are pure, intact, clean spiritual beings. 

What is ego and how to deal with ego
How to deal with ego

As we grow day by day, more and more we get affected by the outer world and we start learning the rules of the physical. Our spiritual self starts forgetting where it came from and starts getting on with new rules. 

Rules that are here to help us survive in the world with this level of consciousness as it is right now. 

If we were left intact and open as we are within the first several years of our lives, we would be exposed to much negative energy, entities, and beings and probably wouldn’t make it. 

What is ego and how to deal with ego

This might sound a bit abstract or fiction like, I know, but imagine this. 

Imagine 30-year-old acting like a three-year-old. Being open and unaware of the consequences of their own acts, living in the spiritual realms in this physical world, they would be exposed and easily ‘exploited’ by others. 

It wouldn’t be a problem if everyone was like that, but remember I am putting this in the context of today’s world and this level of consciousness we are at today. 

So, in other words, the ego is keeping us away from trouble and helping us get through this game, paradoxically, holding us away from the very core of our beings – our souls. 

Can the Ego die?

As I see it, love, expanding consciousness and enlightenment are the only purpose of this life.

It means getting to know yourself, getting to understand life by observing your actions, reactions/responses, and repercussions. 

What is ego and how to deal with ego

Furthermore, it also means becoming aware of your part in this life, or game as I love to call it, aware of your own spiritual self, recognizing your patterns and changing your belief systems to live a higher vibrational life. 

With this in mind, we come to the conclusion that in order to get to our souls, our ego must die, in a way. And yes, this can happen. 

Ego death is not a finish line though – ego is a part of us and cannot disappear entirely. It’s more like letting go and reaching beyond. It is overcoming, exceeding – transcendence.

A new you, a new life

This way we start living our life without ego controlling it. We are aware of our own self, our actions, how we interact, how we respond to what is happening to us. 

Reaching beyond ego will make your relationship with yourself and others so much better for you won’t take anything personally. 

Seeing others through a lens of compassion for what they are dealing with will enrich you with patience.

When you start seeing events and situations life puts you in as lessons and overcoming your old self – patterns and beliefs – your life will change drastically.

If I could use one word to describe what ego death brings into one’s life, it would be – liberation. 

How to deal with ego

Using ego to live a better life

Wanting to develop yourself, not only in spiritual, but also physical, emotional and mental way can be overwhelming, but this is exactly when the ego comes to place.

If you want to grow, keep using ego to deal with the world and life, like using the head to get to where your soul wants to go. 

You know what is your souls’ purpose or desire and you know where your heart wants you to go, and to actually achieve this, you use your head – your mental or intellectual abilities – to get to the place you are heading.

To be at peace with yourself throughout these transitions, one tool I would recommend to anyone wanting to expand their living is meditation. 

What is meditation + how to meditate

If you are new to this, check out my free meditation guide. It is easy and you can make it if you try. If I can, anyone can.

And one more thing I want you to know – be easy on yourself. 

Keep learning, searching, researching, asking questions and in the meantime – enjoy at this moment you are gifted with today. There is no other. 

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