What does it mean to own a business

What does it mean to own a business?

Maybe 10 years ago (and even less), if you would have mentioned the word ‘business’ to me, I would have rolled my eyes out. Secretly. Whoops. Truthfully, I was identifying the business with high heels, jackets, laptops, phones, /boring/, everybody playing smart, using complicated phrases and me not understanding a word. Working 9 to endless, not having a family, going out on Fridays/Saturdays, and driving expensive cars. For me, the business was about solving problems for someone out there and making a big impact (not know to me) somewhere in the world. So far away.

What does it mean to own a business

What does having a business even mean?

Whooh. Impact. The world. Big. Money. Solving. Problems. Other people. So many scary words and thoughts, right?

The truth is, well, business really IS all I thought it was, except for the high heels. It’s pretty -a lot- laptops and phones, /not so boring if you like what you’re doing/. Having a business does mean sounding smart in front of others who do not understand your niche or your business. It is working 9 to endless, welcome to #entrepreneurship. Cars, dates, family, heels, and fun are personal preferences, and not so important here. It was all my prejudices (and ego). 

Marina Cosic as a business owner

When it all sums up, having a business IS all about other people, and not you. Yes. No matter how you love painting or knitting, it is actually about solving other people’s problems. It is about either solving a problem, inspiring, motivating, making their life more beautiful, meaningful, easier, better in some way. If you’re not doing any good, they’re not buying.

Having a business means setting up the systems that will support your vision in making an impact and making money. It is a long process from turning an idea into a product or service that will benefit those who buy (we already got that), recognizing the people who need it, finding ways to reach them, creating a connection, making yourself known to them, showing your competencies, knowledge or experience on a regular basis, making them fall in love with you, having them trust you so they can buy your product at the end. Maybe. They will maybe buy your product. And, well, that is actually not the end. You should be taking care of your customers even after they have bought from you. This is exactly what it means to own a business.

Online courses, knitting sweaters, making jewelry, food blogging, doing photography, coaching, selling notebooks, handmade ceramics, yoga teaching, marketing strategist, business consultant, therapy, theta healing. It all sums up to the written above.

How do others do businesses?

If you would compare any big company to what I have said, you would get the same answer. Take a look at Coca-Cola. They are selling a lifestyle, the way you would feel having their drink. You would have freedom (of choice), feeling fresh, young, having possibilities, imagining a better life. Zara clothes. Each woman has the opportunity to afford trendy, fashionable outfits. Most women want to feel good, trendy, and fashionable, so they’re rocking it. Rolls-Royce. They’re not selling the car. They are selling the feeling, the after-effect. How would you feel if you drove a Rolls? Powerful, that’s how. Elegant. Smart.  Successful. That’s why you’ll buy a Rolls-Royce. This is what they are communicating. They are solving a problem, probably the one you didn’t even know you had.

In it’s core, business is all the same, in any niche you choose. You have a product or a service (offer), you know your clients and their needs (ICA), you communicate the message they want to hear (marketing), and they buy what you’re selling (income). This is very simplified, but it is what it is.

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Having a business in real life

Don’t get discouraged. Behind the brands mentioned above stands a long, long way back, a lot of people, a lot of knowledge, experience, milestones, mistakes, failures, growth, experimenting, ideas, a lot of money. And personal development, above all this. But in fact, they all started small. By having one idea, creating one offer, and finding one person that needs it. It all starts with one.

And this is what it means for you as well. Business is not a word you should be afraid of. It is a skill you can master. And. That. Is. It. If you want your message to be heard, if you want to change people’s lives, if you want to make a change, impact, and create a better future for yourself and others, you can do it. 

Looking forward to the future, there is a lot of knowledge, experience, milestones, mistakes, failures, growth, experimenting, ideas coming up when you start your journey. And a lot of personal growth in front of you that is inevitable. This is how you need to look at it. 

Business motivation

What else you need to know about owning a business 

Only a handful of people were born with business skills, everyone else had to learn it. So can you. You will need to learn how to create, market, and deliver your product or service. You will need to LEARN a lot and keep learning throughout the journey. And never stop learning. Ever. You will need to ask for help when you need it because you can’t do everything alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find mentors, invest in your knowledge. You will need experience, and you can gain some only if you get yourself out there. Sorry, there is no shortcut and there is no easy way. You will reach milestones. Make sure you celebrate those, even the tiniest ones, like getting a name for your business or selling the first product. You will make mistakes, don’t let them hold you back. You just move through them and pick up the lessons. You will fail and you will win and through this all you will GROW. And that is the best part of it. Your own personal evolution. 

When you look at yourself where you were when you only started, you will be proud of what you have been through and still left standing. 

Do it. You can make it happen. 



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