Webshop launch: introducing Brand Stock Photos for Soulful Creatives

Now, this is something that has been going on for a long time. Too long if you ask me. The original idea was to have it launched in February if I can remember correctly. For this occasion, in this post, I will be talking about why I created a digital product, how I launched a webshop and what is Hellebore – brand stock photos for soulful creatives. Let’s start from the beginning.

Why I created a digital product in the first place

You may have heard me talking on Instagram about how and why I started this blog. So here’s a brief reminder in case you forgot or are new here. I was inspired by Beth Kirby and her work about 3 years ago. I was immersed in her beautiful imagery, I told myself ‘I’m gonna have a business like that.’ There you go, that’s the story or at least the short version of it.

Anyhow, I wanted my business to include everything that I love doing. That includes photography in the first place, teaching or sharing what I know and how I have come to a place of fulfillment with how I live and work, writing, styling, creativity… You’ve heard the story, right?

The initial idea changed over time

I started this blog with a whole different idea in mind. But from the get-go, I had a vision of having a shop here and offering my photo prints, paintings, and handmade linen products. Yeah, that was only two years ago.

However, that didn’t happen, because I started getting interested, no, more like obsessed with business-related things. And as it was hard for me to admit to myself that I have found a new passion and it was branding/marketing/creative business in the online world, it was as easy and satisfying to share what I have learned. But, here’s what happened. The initial webshop idea changed and I wanted to make digital products to create a source of passive income because now I knew what that was.

Helping creative business owners to level up their business & social media

In the meantime, in all this personal and business growth, my focus shifted from passive income to how can I make this process easier for others. If only I have it, it’s no good. If we all have it, it’s good for everyone, right? Yeah, deep down in my core I’m a world changer. And I’m finding ways to make it work for everyone.

Oh my, I always make this long and wide. However, since I started doing brand photography, I talked to many of my clients and business owners who were present on social media. Mostly they were stuck because they either had no photos to share that would represent their business in an adequate and satisfying way, they didn’t know what to say, or they had another excuse.

My clients would get a fair amount of photos that they can use for social media, websites, and more. (You can check my Service page here). Still, I was wondering what’s with those who are not ready for that kind of investment at this phase of their business? Because starting and running a business does require resources, and not everyone is riding the same wave.

About that time someone outside of Croatia contacted me to see if we can work together because they loved my work very much. And right there it all clicked somehow. I could make photographs that creative business owners could use to level up their visual appearance without living near me. Voilà. My first digital product was created – brand stock photos.

What are brand stock photos and who is it meant for

Stock photos in general are usually photos taken by professional or amateur photographers, and sold to people via platforms such as Shutterstock. The thing with these images, if you ask me, is that they are mostly very generic, and lack a story behind them. And it’s all about the story. These platforms have large audiences and anyone can buy one single photo and use it for any purpose.

This is why I came up with Hellebore. Soulful brand stock photos meant for creative, heart-led, and soulful business owners. Those who understand the value of having a visually attractive, and cohesive brand appearance, without having to use common and overused imagery that everyone is using.

Hellebore is a set of 44 images that include lifestyle and nature photography, which is kind of my thing. Hellebores are one of my favorite flowers in my garden because they bloom in late winter. They remind me of the upcoming season of Spring, which promises new creative energy and the birth of a new cycle, a new life.

Who can buy brand stock photos and what exactly do you get when you buy

Basically, anyone who uses social media to promote their business. If you have a website and need beautiful imagery to enhance your appearance and showcase your work in the best possible light, this is for you. Brand stock photos can be purchased unlimited times.

By using Hellebore – Brand Stock Photos you can enhance your Instagram feed by combining grahpics and your own images

When you’ve made the purchase you will be referred to a download link via email where you can download a .zip file that contains the images. Inside you will find 44 beautifully styled and carefully curated and selected lifestyle and nature photographs. Also, you will get a User guide. That is a .pdf file that explains how you can use them and gives you ideas on what you can create yourself for your business.

And that my friend, is how I created my first digital product and launched a webshop. If you have any questions about anything related to these topics, let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you.

In case you missed clicking on those ten links above, you can buy Hellebore – brand stock photos in my Web shop.

Sending good vibes your way.


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