The Universe has your back

When I entered my new life, about 5 years ago, I was in a funny situation. I had no steady income for I have decided 2 years earlier that I would never work in a corporation again, working for someone 9-5. And I had started a small business. I had just ended up a 7-year long relationship and moved out of my boyfriend’s place and found myself a tiny home next to the forest. That was where I wanted to be. And the story of how I manifested this place without even hearing of the term? I’m saving that piece for another time.

Having Faith In Life

I was open to earning money like never before but remaining calm and stressless until the very moment a job would come my way. And they kept opening one after another. I loved each and every single one of them. I’ve shot an amazing week long event, a raw food cookbook, a collection for a fashion designer, olive picking in Istrian groves for a friend’s company… It was a crazy few months. One of my best times ever.

Doing What You Love Makes Things Go Your Way

Not a single moment did I have a clue what was coming next, not for one time. I was so peaceful in knowing that I am taken care of by the Universe and that everything will work out for my highest good and that I will have enough of everything. Because, at that very moment, at any moment ever, I had everything I needed, I had enough. I have no clue how did I have the strenght and such power.

Every day, all day long, for months I was doing things I loved. I was single, having crushes, freelancing, meditating, contemplating, photographing, editing, writing, painting, cooking, oh, and cooking. I would pick up the fruits from the backyard and create treats for my small business. A near forest was a great source of inspiration and I took endless woodland walks at any time a day, observing and exploring, with a camera always by my side. I’d do yoga when I was pulled to, riding a bike through the hills in the neighborhood, and I started finding ways of expressing all that I have held inside. That summer was glorious.

But, Let Me Tell You A Secret

To be honest, I wasn’t behaving that way because I have had practice in it, or I have had the knowledge about the secrets of the Universe from outside resources. I had no clue about it in my mind. Only sources I was relying on were my heart and my guts, and the secret is that I had no other option. And I don’t think anyone assumed this about me. I knew that anything else, the ‘old’ behavior and mindset would lead me only to misery and to places I have already been to. So I surrendered. I have opened myself to Life for the first time in my history and immediately I connected myself to the endless source of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and love that is everything around us.

In Love With Contemporary Dance

At around this time, I was introduced to contemporary dance, and it has lit a fire. My body and my soul were aching to start moving. I’m not into dance as a career, but moving my body and observing its behavior, mine behavior from different perspectives is what got me. Dance has always been my thing, dancing or watching, I enjoyed both, but this time I started feeling it. I realized how great is the space around me, how much room there is for creation, and for the first time, I realized what a great power I was. I was pure potential. Pure energy. Able to transform into anything I wanted to.

So I surrendered. I have opened myself to Life for the first time in my history and immediately I connected myself to the endless source of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and love that is everything around us.

I enrolled for a free contemporary dance workshop during the Dance Week Festival in Zagreb. It was Sharon Fridman Dance Company who held it, and there I have met people who are today a very important part of my life. I am so grateful for that experience. I had the pleasure of photographing their play Hasta dónde and made some amazing photos, and someone said I should show them the images. So I did, oh my, was I low on confidence t. I wanted them to notice my work but had no clue what would I do with it. And they loved it, asked me for one to use for their marketing purposes, and in a short time it was out in the world. Was I proud of myself that time, like I have never had a photoshooting before.

What You Give Is Literally What You Receive

When they asked me for it, they asked for the price. And after a lucid moment of thinking about how I could use the money (and boy, did I need every penny), I went with what I knew was the right thing to do. While saying grace for what I have received from their free workshop, I gave them this photo for free. It was all let go into the Universe, with a thankful and open heart, knowing I was taken care of. I was peaceful in knowing that I have already received more in that moment of letting go than if I have had the money.

And you know what, I never needed that money anyway. I have had enough the entire time.

And that is the beauty of this world, and the worlds around it, and the worlds above. The worlds that are in fact, inside. Trusting that there is enough for you and you don’t have to earn it to be worth having it. It gives you what you put out there immediately. Everything you put out, everything that you give to both inside and outside, are the bricks that are building you in that very moment. You are building your own future with every action you take, with every thought you create, with every habit that you get in. Literally, what you think and say is what you are becoming.

So, be mindful of how you act my friend. You are creating your future right now. Are you ready for it?

Thank you for reading. My blessings to you.

Marina Ćosić

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