Why showing up your face on social media matters

Here’s the thing. No matter how you look or how you feel about your looks, sooner or later you’re gonna have to show up behind your work. And not only behind, but FOR your work. If you’re having an online business or even only promoting your business online, and you probably are if you are reading this, you need to show your pretty face out there. 

Why showing up matters?

I wasn’t thinking about that too much until I heard Jenna Kutcher saying that photos with your face on it perform 38% better on Instagram. Whaaat? So I tried. And it did the trick. 

So I thought about it there for a moment, and it made perfect sense. We, humans, are emotional beings. We LOVE to get emotionally attached to basically everything. Books, clothes, cars, foods, and how not people. Attach, attach, attach. On the side note, attachment is not what I would recommend, for it has a deeper connection to your spiritual (and overall) growth and development. More on that another time.

Anyhow, people really love seeing other people who stand behind their work. Imagine you hiring a coach or a therapist online. Would you hire one before you see their face (and read their copy, of course)? Most likely, not. Right? Because, when we show ourselves uncovered, we build trust, like and know. And trust is why we’re here.

Building trust is what sells

Whatever you want to consume out there, you will first have to trust the person you’re buying it from. Disregarding cheap clothes on online boutiques or stationary on Amazon (which also have their ways of making you trust them), when you buy from real people on social media, you want to get connected to them in the first place.

Here’s another truth bomb. We buy the story, not the product. We buy the ‘why’, not the ‘what’. So, yes, showing up your face on social media matters. Not only that it matters, it will strengthen the community around you, build your authenticity, and it will boost your sales. Cross my heart. 

How to show up?

Exactly as you are. And I don’t mean that you should be taking selfies in the shower or minutes after waking up (in most cases), but show up as who you truly are. Take photos in your natural habitat, whether it’s gym, forest, garden, office, nursery. I’m not actually a fan of the last one and showing your kids online, and here’s why, but it’s up to you

You don’t have to pretend, or try to be someone else.

‘But, I’m kinda shy’ excuse

Huh. Aren’t we all? Showing yourself out there is not as easy for everyone. Some have it naturally, some need to work on it. Like I have. I have had somewhat selfies on my hard drive, but when it came to showing my face on social media, I had to re-think it every-single-time before posting. And the butterflies in my belly before pressing the ‘Share’ button were real. Truth that. 

But you know what? I’m going to tell you what everyone else would. It really does get easier with time. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become with it. 

That’s it. Everything else is up to you. Want to build a community? Start showing up. And if you need my help, I’m here for you. Drop me a line on Instagram, and let’s chat. Yup. Just like that. 

I’ll see you there. Keep shining, beautiful. 


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