Should you start a business in 2021

Should you start a business in 2021?

Have you been wondering whether you should start a business in 2021 with a heavy year behind us? A lot of insecurity, fear, low emotional states, a lot of shadow work, dark souls of the night, anxiety, and depression. If you ask me, just bad circumstances on one side, but also a lot of personal growth on the other side. At least, if you choose to look at it that way. As always, it’s all about where you put your focus on. 

With all that was and still is going on, who on Earth would go into this crazy entrepreneurial journey when nobody knows what’s coming up next? Well, since you’re reading this article, I’m sensing you’re on a good way to walking that path. You have probably been thinking about starting something on your own, starting a company, wanting to go out there and share your gifts with the world, doing what makes you happy and satisfied, and finding a way to make an income out of it. I do feel you, for that have been the past two years of my life. Welcome! 🙂 I know you need some facts and some reassurance, so here you go.

The future is unpredictable. Always has been.

First things first. Starting your business in 2021 or any other year does not have anything to do with what is going on in the world, now or ever. It only has to do with your own timing, path, will, passion, fears, beliefs, and dedication. There is more to it, but the basics are covered.

You see, the future is not only now unpredictable. We can never know what will happen next, what will be tomorrow, the next month, or the season. Astrology and channeling can help, true that, but it is always up to you what will you make out of it. Always. There is no greater force than you; others are only tools in your toolbox. Everything comes through you, even when you think it is larger than life. 

If we know the future is unpredictable as it is, what we are left with is NOW. This now moment is the only thing we have in this infinite world of possibilities. And in this now moment, we can create what we desire. A whole new world, a whole new life, a whole new you. The one who knows that nothing is certain, and starts to walk towards the dream, facing and dealing with challenges as they come.

Should you start creative business in 2021

A journey of personal growth

I know this is not an ordinary article about whether you should start your own business in 2021 or not, but I want you to hear me out.

Starting your own business is a self-discovery and one’s personal growth journey. It allows you to enter the dimensions inside you never knew existed. And to get there, you need to, well… change. With what you have, what you know, and who you are now you can only get this far. To step on another land, you will have to expand. That even rhymes.

Starting a business equals personal growth

Starting and running a business means confronting yourself over and over again, especially if you have no entrepreneurial background or experience. But imagine this – what if you have been drawn to cake baking but you never ever baked a cake in your life? It would take you weeks, months, or years to become confident, learn new skills, explore the possibilities, get to know the language of cake baking, see what suits you, find your own authentic style and expression. In this process, not everything works out the way you imagine it. 

It is just what life is. There is joy, and there are clouds. There are good days, and there are grey ones, there are good and bad decisions, and there are mistakes. That is it. And that all is good, necessary, a whole thing, the whole picture. This is a whole life experience much needed on the soul level for you to be able to develop.

Starting a creative business online course education

Should you start your own business in 2021?

If you’re still wondering if you should start your business in 2021, you probably should, but know this. You will be the only one responsible for all parts of your business. That includes creating a product or service, presenting it, finding clients, marketing, communicating, delivering, and more. Starting your business is not a ‘hey, let’s start and see what happens’ thing, although I’m not saying it wouldn’t work. When you go out there, in the scary unknown, (it’s not scary, it can just be unexpected), you will constantly have to keep finding solutions, finding ways for how to do things, finding new ways of dealing with challenges that you will be faced with. 

The thing is, when you go to unknown territory, you doubt yourself. You ask yourself if this was the right thing for you to do, whether you are capable enough, smart enough, whatever enough. And here’s a secret – when you go through this difficult terrain and once look back in retrospect, you will see that this is exactly where you have grown. And that is why it’s worth taking the journey in the first place.

A simple conclusion

Starting a business (how many times I used this phrase already?) is not what you read about, not what you hear about, and not what you think it is, but at the same time, it is all of that. Because what it ends up being is your own translation of other people’s languages. It is just a thing you must go through yourself and see how it works out for you. It may work, and it might not work out. Not everyone will make it; some go back to where they were, some take the next step forward.

If you are seeking outer freedom, physical and financial, if you feel you have a mission, you have a vision, a purpose in serving others, and you want to sing the song of your heart, go for it. It will be worth the efforts. Because, in order to make it happen you will need to put in quite some effort, this way or another, and running a business is just a part of those efforts.

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