"I knew I had a lot to share – because I was already there. I still felt like an imposter – why would anyone take it from me? – so I used an avatar instead of my name. This is how Oil On Paper came to life."

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marina cosic of fear courage and confidence. solful business educator. brand photographer.

On Fear, Courage & Confidence

I was listening to Jasmine Star’s podcast this morning while driving home from kindergarten, and she said that ‘confidence comes after courage’. I so love this woman. If you don’t know about her, you definitely should. Her energy is contagious, and I learned a ton from her, and I’m almost embarrassed for not joining The […]

What does it mean to own a business

What does it mean to own a business?

Maybe 10 years ago (and even less), if you would have mentioned the word ‘business’ to me, I would have rolled my eyes out. Secretly. Whoops. Truthfully, I was identifying the business with high heels, jackets, laptops, phones, /boring/, everybody playing smart, using complicated phrases and me not understanding a word. Working 9 to endless, […]