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having self worth in the world of comparison and competition. boost your confidence.

Having self-worth in a world of comparison

Yes, this is the life we live in – comparison and competition. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with this, and self-worth in the world of comparison and competition is something you’re struggling with, then continue reading! This is the article for you, my friend! And it’s about to boost your confidence. Accomplishing strengthens your […]

Gluten-free sugar-free cocoa banana bread

Banana bread: gluten-free​ sugar-free​​

Yup, you’ve heard that right. This banana bread is gluten-free, it’s sugar-free, and not only it is edible but yummy! Since I’ve been gluten-free-friendly for almost a year now, trying and exploring gluten-free bread, cakes and pantry have been new territory for me. Gluten-free-friendly means that I prefer avoiding gluten if possible or just avoid […]

How I started photography

Hi there! If you’re up for a little trip to the past hearing all about how I started photography, grab yourself a drink and relax. And if you would like to read more about my recent and distant history, check this out. Now hear my story. It was somewhere by the end of high school […]