How to help environment right now

One simple way you can help the environment

We live next to a city forest. It’s a public park at its bottom, next to a busy road, but uphill it’s a bit more wild. Not many of the inhabitants walk through this upper part: some enthusiasts and those who have discovered the beauty of an uncrowded forest in the heart of the city, athletes running, and mostly, people who live nearby. Alone or with dogs. That’s us.

I go for walks with my little guy, bike rides, to walk our dog or just to get out of mind space and get into the body, you know, when I need a getaway. So I went to the forest this time, intentionally, to spend time. To be. Snap a few photos. Just breath. To hear the rustling leaves under my rubber boots. To observe what is going on out there.

The sun breaking through the naked branches, playing a melody of its own. Mushrooms, some standing boldly all alone, others stuffed into piles, each and every single one having a huge role in the woodland by transmitting information between the trees, even miles away. Such a realm. So many worlds in this one world of ours. I am always amazed and thankful that I get to watch.

Teachings from the mama Earth

I sat on a stump in an area that was cut down, and there were still leftovers that clearly indicated what has happened here. The first thought that came to my mind was, how we, people, just devastate everything.

So stereotypical, right?

And then I have realized how this thinking is deeply rooted in us, that we are ruining this Earth, that we are to blame, we are responsible, we are blameworthy, we use the plastics, we’re killing the whales and destroying the ozone. Bad, bad, bad people.

What I feel here is that we deeply believe that we are not okay, not good enough, that we’re doing something wrong. We are constantly punishing ourselves and causing to feel unworthy in the depths of unconsciousness. And this is not only when it comes to nature.

This belief system is not coming out of a place of love and it’s running our lives. 

One important fact we keep forgetting

Let me just remind you about a crucial fact.

We are nature. We ARE nature. We are not separate. There is no them and us. Put this in any aspect of life, and you’ll get the same response. Oneness is a law of the Universe. What you do to others, you do this directly to yourself at that very moment and it goes the other way around.

How you treat yourself is how you treat others, all of us, nature, everything. It is being directly affected by your actions. Your thoughts, your words, your intentions, and beliefs.

You don’t need to go zero waste and save the Amazon. Like, how big of an idea is that? But let me ask you a simple question.

Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself deeply? Because this is what matters. How much you love yourself, how deep inside you go, how well you sit in silence with your ghosts – this is what you teach your child, unconsciously creating their future by transferring belief systems onto them. This is what has been done to us also.

If you want to be kind to nature, be kind to yourself first. Deeply.

No-one is to blame

It is not our fault that we have been behaving this way. This is our actions, but not our fault. It is a part of evolution. We all are causing evolution. It is an unstopping wheel in which everything will circulate, from day to night and day again, from light to dark and back to light.

We are doing our best all the time. If we knew how to do better, we would have done it. When we invented plastics, we weren’t thinking it would be killing turtles in the ocean someday in the future and what aftermath it will bring. We didn’t know that dish sponges will be releasing microplastics that will get to the seas and be eaten by other species, or ourselves. 

No, we weren’t thinking about it. We were doing the best back then. Apparently, we were solving a problem. We were developing. We were evolving. If it weren’t for that, it wouldn’t be this beautiful awakening around the globe and consciousness rising.

Consciousness rising

We have evolved. Through nature. With nature. Because, we are nature, once again. Whatever we are and will be experiencing in the future, is a process of our evolution. And no worries, the Earth will take care of itself, with us or without us. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. How we think globally is how we think locally. 

It might get worse before it gets better, but there is a golden age in front of humanity, even if it’s distant. World will not exist the way we know it today, nor can we predict what will it look like, but evolution or the process will take care of itself in this endless circle of life. We circulate, from patriarchy to something else, to matriarchy to something else, and so on.

The power of a silent revolution

What I wanted to say is that it is up to all of us, it is up to every single one of us to make a change. If we want to see a different world, we must be changing, now. Only embodying the change itself will bring us the change we desire. When there is aftermath locally, internally, in your own home, in your own heart, there will be positive aftermath globally. 

We cannot change the president and fight the system. It’s the silent revolutions that bring desired change. It starts with you. Don’t think it’s out there, because this way you’re giving your own power to other human beings. You become the victim.

When we decide to anchor into higher dimensions of love, light, and gratitude, that is when we make an impact. That is only when we make a true impact.

This almost hit mi right in the face when I turned front from where I was standing helping my toddler come down the hill. It literally almost hit my nose when I turned around. It was just hanging there. How would you take this sign?

Be the change

I really hope this makes sense to you as it does to me. We are all responsible for our own lives, and through this, we are responsible for the planet (and the Universe) we live in. 

Don’t throw rocks and stones on ‘those who are causing the pollution’, and ‘those that are burning the Amazon’ and ‘those that are torturing the animals’. You’re throwing rocks and stones right back at ya. We are not separate. We are not apart. We are one. We are all of one. We are the same.

Imagine yourself as a pixel of the greatest photograph ever taken. If you change, the whole picture will never be the same again. Now imagine if all pixels change. For better. 

Create less pollution. Buy less. Recycle more. Reduce. Reuse. Become more conscious about your own life, your daily habits, and routines. Be the one that cleans the forest. Be more kind to others, animals and people. Do all that.

But in the beginning, love yourself. Deeply. Unconditionally. Unapologetically. Unashamed.

By doing this, you’re being more kind to humanity. Please be kind to yourself.

Be kind to us. Be kind to me. 

And remember, You already are that influencer that is playing a big game. You can do it, only if you can imagine it. 

Nature; that’s you.

My blessings to you,


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