one book read in 2020 feminine power

One Book you Should Read In 2020

The title says it all. Almost. If you are into discovering your truth, strengths and entering your FULL feminine power, there is only one book you should read in 2020.

Okay, okay, let me explain. Two years ago I stumbled upon a book called Witch by Lisa Lister, and of course, how not to buy that thing? I have always been attracted to the magic of any kind and this one just resonated with me, and to be completely honest – I fell in love with the cover. I like it stylish, what can I say. When I was through with it, I knew only one thing – I had to read everything else this woman had to offer.

And so I got Love Your Lady Landscape in my hands, written by sassy she, Lisa Lister, and oh my, has it boosted my – everything.

one book read in 2020 feminine power
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Who is Lisa Lister?

Since I don’t know her personally, I’m just a secret admirer, here are a few drops from her website.

She is an author, artist, channel, a badass messy creatrix doing what she is feeling in her bones. Her story is pretty amazing, and she writes somewhat about it in Love Your Lady Landscape.

She is the author of Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape and Witch. I did buy myself the Code Red but ended up giving it away as a gift (and never got to know how it landed).

Lisa is offering support, safe space, guidance, cyclic maps and counsel to women who are exploring, navigating and wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, pleasure + passion.

She is a qualified coach who specialises in supporting women psychologically + spiritually to explore the terrain of being a woman.

Lisa Lister is a trained well-woman therapist, womb massage + menstrual practitioner who provides tools, knowledge + practices to help you feel safe, reconnect with + be present in your body, understand your cyclic nature + work with your rhythmic intelligence to thrive.

She is just amazing and I am in love with her power and energy that her books are bursting with.

one book read in 2020 feminine power

If you doubt your powers and your feminine self, Love Your Lady Landscape is the one book you should definitely read in 2020. A must.

I will be soon giving one copy away in a giveaway on my Instagram, so if you’d love to get one for free, connect with me over there.

Love Your Lady Landscape – The One Book You Should Read In 2020

So, let me tell you more about the book itself and what can you find inside.

To start with, the foreword was written by dr. Christiane Northrup, author of another amazing book, Women’s BodiesWomen’s Wisdom. In the foreword of Love your lady landscape dr. Northrup says:

Love your lady landscape provides the new path. There are no maps, but there are clues. And Lisa will show you how to recognize them.
This book is the medicine we have ALL been waiting for.
For centuries.
We don’t need more diatribes on what is wrong. We already know. It’s time to return to the only well that will slack out thirst. To our true source of power. The one we’ve all been encouraged to forget. And even defile. Because our true power lies in the very places we’ve been told to be most afraid of. Like our menstrual cycle.’

dr. Christiane Northrup
one book read in 2020 feminine power

Lisa starts explaining how she got ‘the call’ (not a phone call), the inner voice, her intuition, her gut asking her to go on an adventure to explore, heal and love her landscape. She gave up her career as a journalist and devoted her life and work to help women get to know themselves, tune in with her bodies, listen to it, give respect to and feel and express gratefulness for it.

We are badasses who make magic with our pussies.

Lisa Lister

Still not sure why I’m saying why this is the one book you should read in 2020?

Love your lady landscapes will not only help you understand the nature of the feminine and our bodies, but give you tangible ways of (re)connecting with yourself. It is full of practices, affirmations and a whole new perspective on how to get to know yourself, see where you’re stuck, and let go what is no longer needed. Lisa will open your wounds and make you heal them yourself.

She will make you fall in love with the parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed. Love your lady landscape will teach you how to show love, compassion and tenderness where you forgot how to.

Seriously, this book is like a bible to me. It is underlined with red ink and looks like it has been through 100 hands. This is one of the books I’m not borrowing to anyone, but keeping to myself as a journal.

one book read in 2020 feminine power

Raw. Real. Bold.

In this book, you will learn how we, women, are connected with the cycle of nature and the phases of the moon. I did already know about this before, since reading (another book recommendation) The red moon by Miranda Gray. But after reading LYLL, things started to fall into the right places and I began observing.

It is life-changing. Trust me on that one. Lisa is very raw and real, and her boldness is contagious.

In her book Love your lady landscape Lisa is opening new ways, bringing awesome insights and giving you a whole new perspective on womanhood, on the feminine and on your, well, pussy.

She will teach you how to tune in and trust your body. You will find ways on how to feel it, dig it, heal it.

You will get inspired and motivated to surrender to the flow instead of swimming up the stream and this way you will be able to use your powers much more efficiently.

one book read in 2020 feminine power

4 phases of your cycle – mindblowing

Love your lady landscape will teach you about 4 phases of your menstrual cycle that match the phases of the Moon and also seasons of the year. This is so beautiful and mindblowing at the same time. You will learn how to work, live, behave in tune with those cycles to get the best out of each and organize everything around you so you can step into your full badass power.

For me, learning more about each phase of my cycle has brough enormous clarity and I got to know my body, my mind and my soul SO MUCH BETTER. It is amazing what and who we as women are and what are we capable of.

Sometimes you’ll be strong and other times you’ll need to be held and supported.
Bring it all and love it all.
Love yourself enough to accept and lean into all of what it is to be a woman sho is wild, sensitive, emotional, intuitive, cyclic and welcome ALL the emotions, feelings, phases and cycles of life, and love it up. Hard.

Love your lady landscape

Now, no matter how much time to read you do or don’t have, make sure you make this one book you should read in 2020. You can thank me later.

read book 2020 feminine power every woman

And at the end, one more from dr. Northrup’s foreword:

‘And that is what Love Your Lady Landscape is about. How to worship at the altar and the power centre between your lges. Whether or not you’ve had hysterectomie. Whether or not you still bleed. Whether or not you have a partner. Whether or not you’ve had children. No matter what. None of that matters.’

dr. Christiane Northrup

And as the back cover says it: ‘This book will move you into a fiercely loving and healing realtionship with your body, and teach you how to use its cycles and signs to create a life of vitality and fulfilment.’ No more to add.

You are a badass woman and you are ready to step into your true feminine power. If you haven’t connected with me on Instagram yet, now is your chance. I will be giving away one book really soon/April 2020. I’d love to see you there!

You can follow Lisa on Instagram or check her website.

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