Oil on Paper brand behind the scenes + FREE guide How to create an online business brand

This post is all about behind the scenes of creating a brand + a FREE guide about What you need to know before creating your own! Get in, have fun, learn, explore and grow! I’m showing you what was the process of creating a brand behind the scenes.

So, you’ve seen my blog, maybe you’ve even read a post or two, or all of them – here’s a high five if that’s you. However, let me now tell you how this all got started, how I have come to creating a brand for myself and what is it all about.

Everything starts with a vision

It was by the end of 2018 when I realized I wanted to start a blog as a very first point of my future business, but I had no clear idea about what I wanted. I knew it was going to be awsome and I knew it was going to have an impact. A bit of crazy, right? Or not.

Around the time when my toddler was about to start kindergarten early spring of 2019, I contacted Kath from Seventy two studio. She was recommended by another amazing woman, Ivana Karmišević aka Cup of tea. Ivana, this is a shoutout to you for always sharing the good to those around you.

So, I wanted a brand. Frankly, I had no clue what I needed nor did I know anything about the process of creating a brand, but when I started writing and Kath and I started talking about it, things started unrolling. She asked questions that made me think more specifically about certain subjects and this is how it all has began.

I need a brand name

I had a vision of what my future business would look like, but there were soooo many steps to get to that point, and I just wanted to start, somewhere, somehow. What I knew back then is that I wasn’t ready to create a brand with my name on it, because I wasn’t sure what I had to offer specifically and I know this might sound crazy to you if you’re an entrepreneur or have any business-related knowledge (which I had not), but I knew I’m gonna make it. I still laugh at myself when I’m telling this story to others.

So, after a few e-mails with Kath where she encouraged me to dig deeper a little bit, and after a few brainstorming ideas, I remembered I once wrote down a name in one of my notebooks. So I went to look for it. And there is was, black on white. Oil on paper.

So, what does it represent?

Oil on paper for I paint in this technique. Oil on paper for I also cook every single day, almost two times a day, and there is always oil around – on the baking paper, in my cookbooks, in my notebooks. It gets messy and it’s just the way it is. Basically, it’s oil on paper at my place – ALL the time.

Sometimes I even paint on the kitchen counter. Also, my daily life is what I write about – how I approach life, how I eat, how I do, how I perceive and how I feel. There is a lot being mixed and jumbled around here, a creative mess all the way. This is who I am and this is what my blog represents.

Thinking about my ideal audience

Kath agreed it was awesome and we came up with this; my brand would be based on my personal values and beliefs and these will be subjects of my blog posts. I wanted a more intimate approach, I wanted to add value, inspire, help and teach my audience how to create an overall better life. Which now I do with my weekly newsletters, posts and projects. You can join my community by clicking here and see how I do it.

This was not how I started (as I said before, I had zero clues in the very beginning), but that’s what it has become in the process.

Oil on Paper Moodboard

So, Kath explained that the name Oil on paper had melodiousness which is how I see myself flowing through life, it was visual just as I am, and it’s kind of mysterious because you cannot tell for sure what is it all about. It reminds of a painting, but is it?

Brainstorming, learning, exploring

We were all set, and after these first brainstormers, we continued with developing a style. Kath has sent me a questionnaire that would help her get closer to my vision, likes, habits. Next, she created a Pinterest moodboard that we continued to finish together. It was a mosaic of images, mine and of others that represented all that my brand would be. I loved it!

Kath also explained a bit more about my audience, which was amazing – I wasn’t thinking about it before – and just so you know – I, open as I am, have learned a TON from working with Kath. She is really amazing, systematic, deep and understanding, and I couldn’t help praising her even before I reached the end of this post.

If you need a brand designer, I wholeheartedly recommend her and I plan to do more work with her sometime soon (just so you know Kath, I know you will be reading). Again, you can find her at Seventy two studio. Creating a brand is deep and complex, and I would definitely advise you to hire a professional.

Going deeper – colors, textures, styles

She noticed my affection toward the mysticism in the form of senses, sixth Sense, intuition, and we both wanted to include a little bit of it. It happened to be a plant. A symbol of Life, growth, and change that I am encouraging. Can it get better than this? And the plant is also food, so, I guess it got even better. Hurray!

In the questionnaire I mentioned a circle as I was drawn to it, so she used it in one of the logo versions to represent the cyclic nature of everything – day and night, months, seasons, years, periods, moons – just Life. She also came up with this – oil on paper as a trace we leave behind through decisions we make daily. I’m just in love with this again this moment I’m writing it!

Kath explained about textures, colors, symbols, visions, and so much more. And somewhere in all this time, Soul guided creative living just came to me, or better, through me, and it was it. We were hooked. And we knew it was a good path.

The first Framework

Then, I got the first Framework she has created for my brand. So beautifully she presented the Vision, slogans, and the Purpose of the brand/blog. She went on explaining the Values that will once lead the brand’s activities. These were authenticitychangecreativity, and experience.

Kath explained the positioning of the brand, the promise I was giving to my audience, also explaining to-do lists and not-to-do lists – which I have found amazing and very helpful. She went on telling me about communication, the tone of my voice I’m using for my brand, the style I’m creating and the words I can use to create an impression.

So, Oil on Paper brand is sophisticated, but not stuffy, determined but not strict. It is inspiring but not boring, contemporary, but not typical. Oil on paper is positive, but not generic. I guess, Oil on paper brand is just awesome!

Getting on with the Style

Oil on paper style is directed toward a classical style and design. It is inspired with simplicity, art and creativity. Color palette is subtle, with more tones with similar pigment, earthy and grounding, but strong enough to bring in the dynamic. Fonts and design are clear and classical. The whole style is inviting for a simplicity of the moment, with no drama or complications and you can feel a balance on each level.

I was beyond happy and ecstatic when I got the final product! It was fitting in, so beautifully describing me and what I wanted to become, and what I had to share with the world. It was the best investment I have made so far.
The next step was to choose a platform for my blog, a host, buy a domain, a template and I was ready to get started!

So, I hope you have found seeing this whole behind the scenes process of creating a brand helpful in any way, especially if you’re just getting started or having a dream of starting something of your own sometime in the future.

And now, something for you, completely FREE. I have created a cheatsheet for you of what it’s needed to create a brand. If you’re seeing my brand, looking at other bloggers, Instagrammers and businesses and you don’t know how to start, this is the perfect thing for you.

Click the button bellow to get your Free Guide for creating an Onilne Business Brand

Just so you know, I have dreamt of this for years, not having a clear vision of what I wanted. I have never doubted that I will make it happen, even when the days were hard and the nights were long.

Whatever your circumstances are right now, I want you to know that you can make it happen, too! It is a matter of trust and love. Once you have figured out you want to share your voice out there, what you need is a decision, an intention and action!

You can comment below on what is your dream, what are the struggles and what would you love to hear more from me. Also, comment on my latest post on Instagram with these thoughts and we’ll talk there. Don’t be shy!

Sending love to you,


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