need help with showing your face on social media?

Need help with showing your face on social media?

Read this, please.

Feeling ashamed of showing your face on social media? Do you feel uncomfortable when other people are looking at you? Feeling not pretty enough? Feeling not worthy of showing up?

I feel you. I see you. I get you. I don’t know how deep this goes for you, but here’s what I want you to know and remember.

You don’t need to be model size and shape to show your face on social media. 

You don’t need to be like someone you admire to be worth admiration. 

You are beautiful just as you are, and your message is worth sharing. 

People really want to see you, they want to get to know you, they want to make a connection with you. 

It’s not looks what attracts; it’s the attitude, the consistency, the willingness to show up and do the work every day. 

It’s your vibe and your energy that will make people fall in love with you, not your eyes, boobs, or hair.

So you need help with showing your face on social media

We love beauty, we do

We are attracted to beauty, true that. We will set our gaze on beautiful people, beautiful houses, beautiful scenery, yes. We love beauty. That is so human and so ok. 

But what we love more is imperfection that shows up. 

You know why? 

Because it is familiar. It makes us feel not alone. It brings a sense of belonging. 

You showing up the way you are will bring people closer to you, not move them away. Well, some will move away, and that you should be grateful for because those are not your people.

Your tribe is out there and they are waiting for you to show up. The times are new, and there is no more space for hiding behind the masks.

You are good enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough.

Your message is important, your services are needed, your story will be appreciated.

Your gifts are unique and that exact set of skills, experience, knowledge, and creativity is only available to you.

You do you, and you will do good.

If this was helpful, please leave a comment and let me know how can I serve you more. 

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