Make change happen – in your life and business

How many times did you want a specific outcome? Like a better job, or making more money, or having a better partner, being more confident, or free in your creative expression? We humans tend to want things, want different things, better things. And we want a change to happen to us so we could be more satisfied, more fulfilled. We seek happiness, and we think if things would change, happiness would occur.

But, one thing we forget. In order for a change to happen, we must change first. It doesn’t go the other way around. To change is a part of making a change happen.

What is the issue?

But let’s see it this way. Let say that you paint, and you want to sell your paintings, and make a good living out of them. But, you are afraid to put a price tag on your work thinking who would pay that amount of money for it, you don’t have an art education background, so you’re not ‘officially’ an artist and you feel it’s keeping you down. You’re an introvert (aren’t we all?), you don’t have selling or marketing skills, you doubt your artistic worth, and you are so happy when people like your art, that you would preferably give it out for free. But then, you would feel bad about it. And even if you managed to sell one of your paintings, how on earth would you be able to sell another one?

Now, that’s probably very common with many artists, and I can guarantee you that a lot of people would find themselves feeling this. There probably is a possibility for you to be found by an agent, someone who would represent you and sell your work for you. There is also some percentage of people who have such karma, or other inherited circumstances that would draw customers/clients/fans who would stand in lines to buy art from them, just like that. And it doesn’t matter what is it that you do. I’m taking a painter just as an example.

But I’m not talking about those kind of people. I’m talking about that majority of people who are afraid to make a change happen.

What needs to change to make it happen?

And for a change to happen, for you to be able to sell your artwork and make a good living, you would have to do the following. You would have to think of a price range for your art, and keep putting price tags on your work, knowing that there is someone who will like your work no matter your lack of title, and that you have to find those people.

Also, you would have to accept your introversion, confront it, and work with it. Furthermore, you would have to find a way to talk, connect, and deal with people, and keep improving your communication skills. You would have to stop doubting your work, knowing that someone, somewhere will like it, and will be willing to pay for it and that you would have to sell your artwork whether you like it or not.

You would have to realize that you cannot give your work for free to random people, because it costed you money, time, and energy, and you have a goal. To make a living by selling your artwork. Take this example and make it your own.

Change happens when you change

Now, that is quite some beliefs out there that need to be removed, replaced, and redirected.

As I see it, wanting a different outcome when taking the same steps all over again, or walking the same road over and over again, and keeping the same mindset is not other than self-sabotage.

You keep creating tension by wishing and wanting, but you never use this energy to make it happen. Or you never stick to it long enough so it can be birthed. You find excuses and go back to your old habits and old way of thinking. We all know the scenario, right?

Even if you work really hard for what you want, and make a lot of new paintings, and start making sales, you can still be energetically closed to getting the desired outcome. Both your mindset and your confidence will need readjustments.

Hey, it’s normal. And there is a way for overcoming and making that change happen.

Here are a few steps on how to make change happen

Start with getting clear on what you really want, and most importantly, why you want it. If your why is not aligned with your highest good, tension and stress will be created, inside or outside of you. Write down everything you desire. Think about what would really make you satisfied, and where would you want to go. Analyze each segment written down, and think about what steps would lead that way. This way your goal (your desires) will be simplified by projects (steps) you need to complete. Once you have projects that you need to complete, you will more easily dissect micro-steps and create a timeline for those.

Organize your life to better serve your life now, and your future self. Think about it this way. If you see yourself in the future being happy, content, fulfilled, and making a good living doing what you love doing the most, think of how that person’s life and habits would be like? Are they more organized, more productive, are they consistent? When you get a vision of it, write down what you need to change in order to feel that way. If you need more positivity in your life, maybe you need to find more positive people to surround yourself with, or read some books on positivity. If you need to be more organized (yours truly), look around and see what needs to get organized. Maybe it’s your closet, kitchen, props, bookshelves, drawers, or the garage. Look for your phone, computer, notebooks as well. Start today.

Change your habits first

Change your daily routines and habits. What you brought to the table is not what will take you further. This is the actual changing part. Start from the top. When do you wake up? What do you do first thing in the morning? Is it coffee and social media? Checking emails or turning the TV on? You will have to think better than that. Where you want to go needs to be the very first thing that you think of when you wake up. You need to align yourself to the person you want to be. Right there, right now. This is what creating new habits means. It is not just swapping ‘social media scrolling’ with ‘organizing your week’ or replacing the ‘third cup of coffee with a ‘cup of tea’. It is you knowing and feeling why you do this and where you are going.

I once heard Oprah say that she has spent decades waking up every morning aligning herself, her mind, and her heart with the mission she was on. Every single day. This is how she made her business. I love Oprah.

Let go and keep moving

Let go of the old BS. What does BS stand for? This is something I learned on Tony Robin’s complimentary training by one of his peak performance strategists, Stu Massengill. It’s not your belief system, but your bu** sh**. And your BS are excuses you use every day when procrastinating moving forward. You lack organization skills? BS. You lack confidence? BS. You lack background? BS. You lack money? BS. You lack inspiration? Go out in nature and cut the BS. You see where I’m going with this? Let it go and move on. Start creating NOW. Start making the change NOW. Be NOW what you want to be in the future.

Stay consistent, stay persistent. You cannot have six-pack abs by going to the gym once a month, can you? It’s the same with your habits. Nothing will change if you do it periodically. (Note to self). It is very possible and most likely that you won’t see the results soon. No, wait. You just won’t see the results any time soon. That’s it. You might, some of the results, or the very beginning of it, but it will take much longer than you think. Don’t give up. Be the horse that just keeps walking and never looking back. It will pay off. Take time to rest, of course, and drink water.

Gratitude for what you have makes a change happen

Practice gratitude. Gratitude is the appreciation of life. It is the appreciation of the small things that you have inside of you, and outside of you, that make your life. You can be grateful for your house and for your car, for your business, and for your achievements. You do that. But make sure to be thankful for waking up every day. For having the opportunity to be the creator of your day. Be grateful for your healthy body, your smart brain, your big heart. Be thankful for all the magic in life that so easily gets overlooked.

You won’t be satisfied with more until you see how much you already have. And by practicing gratitude over and over, by becoming aware of the abundance that you live in (oh, yes, you do), you turn your focus to what you want to grow. Where focus goes, energy flows. You feel it, you see it, you name it, you grow it.

This is how you make change happen. Be you, be the love and the light you came here to be, and keep moving forward.

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