Creating Hygge Vibe In Your Home During Isolation

Tough times, for all of us. It is truly not easy being isolated, not being able to be with our closest family and friends and this why I want to help you create a hygge, soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation.

Spending so much time at home is not natural to us, and our bodies need much more activities. It can be hard to stay sane, especially if you live in a building, in an apartment with no backyard or balcony.

Creating a soulful, high vibrating place of your home is essential, not only during this time but especially now. Your home is your place of comfort, your supportive nest and taking care of it deserves a high priority. Due to coronavirus lockdown, we are forced to spend time inside. For this reason here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of it and create hygge vibe in your home.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

What is hygge anyway?

I am 100% sure you have heard of the term ‘hygge‘, and maybe even read a book or two on this. Hygge is a term used by Danish and Norwegian people, and it has no literal translation. Hygge is a word describing a cozy mood, simple and easy being. With hygge is all about enjoying the little things on your own or your family, the joy of simplicity and the things you love. It is an overall well-being feeling that you can create in your home.

First things first – it’s time to clean!

I know you’ve heard this so many times before, but truly, for me, the best things happen when I create space in my home. By creating space I mean decluttering. That’s right. Get rid of everything that you don’t use anymore and you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

About a year and a half ago, when I decided I was going to follow my passion and create myself a job from scratch, I created an event. I knew a lot of new things are going to happen and I sensed a change. Therefore I realized I needed to make space for all the new I was ready to receive. And I don’t mean only the material stuff.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

I wanted to get rid of everything I wasn’t using anymore. Clothes that I wasn’t wearing, my son’s clothes and toys, books that I have been collecting for years, but I knew I was never going to read them again. There were so many new books waiting for me, and I had to let go of the old ones. Kitchen utensils, hobby stuff, my paintings, and framed photographs. I wanted it ALL out.

So I created a flash sale event in my backyard – which was amazing – and the things I didn’t sell, I donated. My house was empty, my mind was clear and my soul was easy. I was ready to take the new in.

Decluttering frees not only your physical space

And that is what happened. A few months later I started working on creating my brand, Oil on paper. And in summer 2019 my blog was out. I’m not saying that these things wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t clean my home, but I had more energy to focus on what matters.

And with getting rid of the things you don’t really need anymore, that is exactly what will happen. Focusing on what matters.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

Cleaning your home physically will not only free the space of dirt but also give you amazing new potential. It’s all about the energy! Hygge starts with a clean space.

Create hygge vibe in your home

We all live different lives, have different styles and habits, and different preferences. But still, there are a few things that are common to everyone. Let’s check them out.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation
How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation


See if you can make minor changes in your home with lighting that could make a difference. This can be turning off some lights, removing surplus lighting bulbs if possible to create a moody atmosphere where possible. Try displacing table lamps around your place to make small changes.

We get used to our space the way it is and rarely think of how small changes might make a big difference. Try repositioning your table lamps, Himalayan salt lamps, or if you don’t have any, find some online and have it delivered to your door.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

Light candles. This is my absolute favorite thing to do both during the day and at night time. Candles bring a sense of ceremony and sacred, and the element of fire brings us to our roots, connects us to our ancestors and to the very source of life.

Fire reminds us of the light we all carry inside and asks to have both control and admiration, for it can flare up if we are not careful. Want a moody, cozy, romantic, serene, relaxing, sacred, meditative atmosphere? Light up some candles. Only a single candle will make a big impact. Make sure to be cautious of where you put them and make sure you put them off before leaving or going to sleep.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are my next thing. Live, potted plants are a must in your home if you ask me, for they bring pure nature inside of your home. They will bring the element of earth into your space and will demand proper care. Indoor plants will boost your mood and productivity, give life, reduce stress and some of them will clean the air.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation
How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

As for cut flowers, I am crazy about those. It’s not only about the bought flowers that make your home look like you care, but you can also pick up some yourself. Sometimes I’ll find something in my garden, I’ll put cut off branches in a vase, or a fallen branch that I find in the forest.

You can pick up some herbs like peppermint or lavender and put them in a little vase or a glass, and they will freshen up your space big time. It’s all about noticing, having intention and caring that matters. With fresh flowers, bought or found, your space will get just about the right amount of soulful touch.

What else to create hygge vibe in your home?


We all have them, right? More or less, they’re put into shelves and we love seeing them in their places, right? With time, books that stay a long time in the same place bring a sense of stagnation.

How to create hygge soulful vibe in your home during coronavirus isolation

Here’s a trick. Every once in a while I check in with myself about the books I am having in my sight and I change things a little bit. I take those that I haven’t read, or started and never finished, and put them away and bring some new ones that I have more interest at this time. I do have a few places in my home where I keep books, and from time to time, I mix things a bit and rearrange them so they suit my current interests. What a way of creating hygge vibe in your space with as little effort as possible.

Surround yourself with what you want to become, not what you once were. So powerful.

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Having art around your home will have a big impact on how you feel. That can be paintings, photographs, prints, ceramics, sculptures… If you don’t have any, make some! Art will hive your home a personality and boost your creativity.

You can frame some of your photographs, or print a photo you like or buy a print from your favorite photograph. Every time is a great time to support small businesses and artists. Don’t doubt it. You can make something with your hands and bring your soul into your place. Give it a go. It will be much more meaningful to you than anything you can buy.


Play around with textures in your home. Put some blankets, cushions, and rugs on your couch, armchairs, and floor. Bring out the vases, bowls, crystals, and wood and place it around. It will make a beautiful atmosphere and a great hygge vibe.

How to create hygge vibe in your home
How to create hygge vibe in your home


First of all, if you don’t let fresh air in your home every day at least once, you don’t need any scents. Are you feeling me? First things first, open up your windows at least once a day, depending on the weather and your location, but this is the first way for the energy to move and freshen up.

Then you can move to the next level. I love smudging and I do it once a week. A smudge stick is mostly a bundle of dried sage that produces smoke when lit, and it is my favorite way of clearing the space of negative or stagnant energy. Light it up, walk around the room to let the smoke to every corner, let it be for a while and open the windows or doors to let it all out. Ommmm.

Incense sticks? I’m crazy about those. Maybe you’re not a fan or maybe you haven’t had any good ones, it is up to you. Try sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine or nag champa and let me know how you like them.

Use essential oils to support your mood. If those mentioned above are to voodoo for you, essentials oil in a diffuser will make the hygge out of your home.


If you have musical instruments, have them around. If not, choose some background music for your chores, time with kids/partner, for doing the work. Sound vibration can go deep into our bones so be mindful of what you choose to support you in your hygge life.

It doesn’t matter how your apartment or house looks like. What matters is what you want and can make out of it. Make it your space and infuse it with a good and high vibe.

Make sure you clean it regularly, be aware of your space and how it impacts your mood and create small changes that will benefit you.

It is truly amazing what a supportive and soulful vibe you can create in your most sacred space – your home – with just a little bit of time and effort. Create hygge vibe in your home during isolation and share on social media to inspire others.

Stay safe my friends.

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