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On Fear, Courage & Confidence

I was listening to Jasmine Star’s podcast this morning while driving home from kindergarten, and she said that ‘confidence comes after courage’. I so love this woman. If you don’t know about her, you definitely should. Her energy is contagious, and I learned a ton from her, and I’m almost embarrassed for not joining The […]

How to deal with competition

How to deal with competition

How to deal with competition? Compete, do more, be better, grow taller, run faster. Sounds familiar? For me, it seemed like the world was all about who is going to do more, who gets better grades, who earns more money, who travels more, who eats more organic, who is more successful. Until one day I […]

how to have more confidence

5 proven ways to build your confidence

Having confidence has been one of my main struggles throughout my twenties. Even though I did understand and know my own worth, when I was supposed to show up in front of others, I would immediately think less of myself. My photography was less than, my ideas, my knowledge, and my experience.  Honestly, it wasn’t […]

one book read in 2020 feminine power

One Book you Should Read In 2020

The title says it all. Almost. If you are into discovering your truth, strengths and entering your FULL feminine power, there is only one book you should read in 2020. Okay, okay, let me explain. Two years ago I stumbled upon a book called Witch by Lisa Lister, and of course, how not to buy […]

How to take better care of your body, mind and soul not onlly during coronavirus isolation

How to take better care of yourself

This title might have been better as ‘How to take better care of yourself during crisis’ or ‘How to practice self-care during Coronavirus’. Anyhow, I’ll stick with this one. Apparently, there is a lot going on in the world today. And I don’t mean only the Coronavirus spreading worldwide, but the panic and fear that […]

This is a guide on how to deal with fear and how to overcome fear and anxiety

How to deal with fear

We’ve all been there. Feeling fear is an overwhelming emotion that can easily distract you and keep you away from having an easy, fulfilled and happy life. If you would love to find a way of how to deal with fear and overcome anxiety, read on. Think about this: how many times have you NOT done […]