Hey you, creative soul! My name is Marina and I welcome you to my blog. I’m a brand & lifestyle photographer and artist based in Zagreb, Croatia, and I am so very happy to see you in this space. I do brand photography for heart-led creatives and small business owners, and I teach them how to start and brand their businesses.

Before I dive into the good stuff, let me take you a little bit down the memory lane. 

I started this blog in 2019 having an online business in mind. I didn’t feel competent enough to share advice on how to live better, but I knew I had a lot to share – because I was already there. I still felt like an imposter – why would anyone take it from me? – so I used an avatar instead of my name. This is how Oil On Paper came to life.
Oil on paper. A painting technique I use. A very common scene in my kitchen, where I cook daily healthy meals for my family. Symbolises leaving a trace. Honestly, I had NO clue whatsoever what I was doing every single step of the way, but I knew where I was headed. And I was determined to make it happen. I used the hashtag #makingithappen in most of my Instagram posts for a long time so I don’t loose my direction. My heart and my brain needed to be aligned for me to make it happen. And so I did. 
What started as a desire to use all my skills and abilities, my knowledge, experience, expertise and love for style, beauty, nature, food and more, became an online business. Just as I once imagined it as I stumbled upon Beth Kirby’s work on Instagram. And I am forever grateful for her beautiful and impactful work, for she opened a whole new world for me and made me think that I could make it happen, too. 

That I could be who I am, do what I love doing, that I could show up authentically, and make a good living out of it. I just had no clue how to get there so I used both sides of my brain; the left one for thinking and learning how to bring it out, and the right side, which happens to be my dominant one. The creative, sensible, artistic, intuitive and feminine one. And this is my secret weapon. 

It wasn’t an accident, it didn’t happen by itself, it wasn’t a lucky set of accidental outward circumstances. I used both sense and sensibility to create a life I knew was possible for me.

I had a strategy.

Funny enough, I’m probably one of the rare people who did it backwards. I didn’t bring my photography up to a certain level from where I had to level up my business. I started a business and than realised I needed to level up my photography to match my vision. If it’s not common, it’s crazy.

But standing out is what I’m here for. And this is also what I want to teach you.

Are you ready to step into a life of possibilities?

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It will help you:

  • Become clear on who you are and what you have to give
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  • Get clear on what you have to offer & sell
  • Get to know your audience – the second most important thing
  • Choose the right platform for your business
  • & more

I am also giving you a few extra tips that will help you on your way of becoming a Thriving Creator.

A great future is ahead of you, I sense it.

Be willing to work, learn, ask for help, invest, fail and try again. I hope Oil on paper blog helps you in any way on your journey. 

Sending love your way, 

Marina Ćosić