About me

Hi you! I’m Marina and this is my blog!

I am a mama of a three-year-old wild child, wife to the most amazing man I have ever met in my life (also handle with care, cuz #scorpio). A Cancer gal, sensitive by birth since 1983, family devoted, a freelance food and lifestyle photographer and entrepreneur based in Croatia. I live with my adorable family in the most incredible place in the city, right next to a forest, with our house oriented toward the dancing leaves and glorious woodland change of seasons right through our cozy bedroom window. It’s kind of as I imagined in my wildest dreams. Those that you don’t dare to dream too often. Interested? Keep scrolling. 

Hear my story and if you’re not up to reading, I get it. You can skip to read more about my mission or check out how we can work together. Straight to the point? I like that. 

I have become aware of how this amazing new world that we live in offers so many opportunities to live a healthy, fulfilled and conscious life, and just not worry too much. Does this sound possible to you? It does to me.

Now lean back and let me take you years back, before I share more about myself now so you get the bigger picture. You know, I like big frames.

I have spent the first 8 years of this life near my home town Brcko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had a really nice childhood, a stay at home gentle and loving mum who loved me and my older brother as high as possible and was always finding ways of showing it. I have gotten so much from her that I am now able to give to my son.

A miller for a father, two sets of grandparents teaching me different skills, and a whole bunch of aunts and uncles that adored their nephews from a lousy marriage of theirs siblings. We lived in an isolated location with no other children in the closest neighborhood, so brother and I were left to one another to hang out.

So many memories I have from those two villages, endless summer mischiefs, everlasting freedom, neverending explorations, easy growing. Most of my memories of that time are soothing, bracing and fulfilling. All until the war erupted in my country and we had to leave. Fast. So we did, into a period of uncertainty, fear and war horror stories, sounds, and images that were all over (and so not appropriate for a child) and would last for the next several years. 

Fast forward next ten-ish years…

In short, moving from place to place got me dizzy and I can’t remember the whole itinerary and I stopped counting at No. 20. We changed 6 elementary schools in 8 years, my brother and I. My main preoccupation for the longest time to follow – assimilation. Wanting to be accepted and loved and adjusting to fit the needs of an undeveloped, non-supporting society. What a burden on a child’s back, only now I can sense. I have chosen to study IT to become an engineer in computer science and I had no idea why I enrolled in this at all until my mid-thirties, which is like, now. That was so not my niche. 

Before I met my husband, I had a small business.

It was something I created in a flash of inspiration. An idea popped up, a name slipped right out, a logo was formed – all in a half an hour in the kitchen of a house I lived in at the time. Miller’s daughter. That’s what I named myself back then. Oh man, do I remember the excitement and visualizations, dreams and not knowing a damn thing. A whole new space opened all around me.

For two years I would bake and cook in my kitchen, all sorts of bread, pantry, soy milk, energy bars, hazelnut/carob spread sweetened only with honey, seasonal marmalades and more, and sell it on the little market with organic and small producers on the weekend and delivering around the city once or twice a week on my small blue motorbike. Can you imagine the scene of me with a black helmet, fingerless leather gloves and the smell of freshly baked brioches coming right out of my bag?

Oh man, those were the days. I enjoyed it so much, and from this perspective now, I was afraid to take a big bite. Nonetheless, however, this is how I met my husband. He came one day to where I was selling and bought a few pieces. The rest is all but a lovely history. We so did not have an easy start. On the other hand, we joke now at how he got me at a market. That’s life. And maybe a story for some future post or a book, who knows.

Just a little before I got pregnant with our boy, I quit baking. Times have changed, and since I didn’t feel bringing this whole story to a higher level as was needed to survive on the market, I let it go knowing there is something else in front of me.

Fast forward one year – we got a child. Due to all enlightenment I went throuh withing this period I decided I wanted to stay with him at home for the first three years as I have already realized and intuitively felt how important these first years were, with the great support of my husband during this time. Around the time our son turned 1, I began thinking about what I would want to do for work when he turns 3 and starts kindergarten. I had no clue but The Creative in me started jigging.

I love everything I do. All I do brings me abundance, prosperity and expansion. Fullfilment. A dream that came true.

Marina Ćosić

But I had a vision.

As conscious motherhood and family life have lightened me up I wanted to make sure I spend a lot of time home, alone or with my guys, to be able to take care of this supportive nest of ours so it can nurture us back. I wanted to work from home. As much as possible.

I loved everything I was doing at home – gardening, digging, planting, seeding, picking flowers and food, cooking healthy, clean meals, decorating, styling, smudging, doing yoga, dancing, cleaning, yes, that too, writing in one of my many notebooks that I adore, seeing the world through my little one’s eyes,  walking in the forest, contemplating in silence to the sound of birds around me, seeing beauty in every day, loving this existence and photographing it ALL. Every day. Sounds like a plan. 

I have seen so many artists on Instagram making a living doing their art and I was amazed sometimes and I still am. I have become aware of how this amazing new world that we live in offers so many opportunities to live a healthy, fulfilled and conscious life, and just not worry too much. Does this sound possible to you? It does to me.

If the first decade of my life was a beautiful childhood, teen years were assimilation, my twenties were figuring out what the heck I wanted out of life, and my thirties are opening up to higher realms realizing a few important things:

  1. You can’t run and you can’t hide. It will haunt you until you face it.
  2. Everything is possible.
  3. Wherever you wish to arrive, there is a way to get to your dream destination
  4. There is enough for you out there, and just as much as you need.
  5. Anything you imagine has already happened somewhere in the timeline of existence, in this endless net of information that we are made of and it can materialize. If you didn’t get that, your imagination is real and can become physical.
  6. Once you decide, put intention into it and take action, things start rolling.
  7. Your way is your way and there are no other ways for you. I know this one sounds stupid strange, but just start moving.
  8. I haven’t read the book yet, but yes, Universe has your back. Trust this.

I see this blog as a business, another piece of art of mine, another creation that just got bigger this time.

I have put much love, thoughts, and good vibes into it and that is what I want to come out of this space. More love, insights, wisdom, inspiration, motivation, high vibes all presented through my skills and passion. And to make a living out of it. The one that supports my lifestyle and enables me to live in financial freedom. I don’t know how this sounds to you, but I feel and know you can make anything happen. It’s just a matter of decision, intention, and action. But no, this is not just a business nor is it just a blog. This is for me a spiritual journey, a path of growth, expansion, and love. Oil on paper is my personal platform for creating, advertising and monetizing my skills, passions, knowledge, and practice I have developed throughout the years of observing self, life, events, and existence itself.

I have gotten so much from online community and I have the need to share it all, to give it back out there to whom it may do good, to whoever it may be of use. And I’m so happy if that is you! Hi there! I’m smile waving at you right now!

This idea of sharing everything that I have gotten through my entire lifetime and giving out as much as I have received, to pass it on and light as many tunnels as I can is stirring up my fire. All the good, and light, insights, wisdom, knowledge. I want it all out, I want to share my truth so someone like you out there could easily find and accept theirs.   

I am an artist. A photographer. A writer. A painter. A stylist. A gardener. A mother. A wife. A Starseed.

An entrepreneur woman breastfeeding my three-year-old while I’m writing this. I know I am magical because I have brought to life things I have only dared evoking in my secret dreams. And that’s kinda magic, don’t you think?

I really want to follow the path of my soul that I am revealing one foot in front the other. I want to be able to make money from what I love doing the most. Photo shooting. Writing. Painting. Editing. Styling. Cooking. Recipe developing. And probably my most favourite – contemplating. Oh, man. I know, I know. But I just do!

Well, this is the story. Cuz, you’ve got to tell a story, you know.

Now, get to know me even better.

I’m into warm drinks and warm people, grounding colors and cleansing my home and personal space. I like it hot and I prefer summer over winter, but I can’t tell if there is something I enjoy more than lighting up an early morning fire on before my folks are up with white cover spread out through the yard leaving only silence, serenity and stumps that seem like never waking up again. Furthermore, I adore candles, have dozens of items ruined by them in my history and I find every opportunity to light them up. Every day is sacred and any occasion is solemn. I love food, feeding, being fed, breastfeeding, and all other phrases that contain food in it. I love the word ‘contemporary’. I love nice things, I love beautiful. I’m a grand fan of handmade ceramics, linen, zero waste, homemade just-about-everything.

I’m a Go Green, Zero waste, RRR, Save your soul and Get-In-Balance type (not a freak, or maybe a little, not a concern). I love painting and I love taking care of my plants, which do die in our household regularly. Moon and star gazing have always been my thing together with astrology and I apply Feng Shui in as much as I know. And I have a perfect person for this kind of things if you’re interested. Just drop me a line. I love taking care of myself through all my energy centers and I am a Have-a-good-relationship-with-yourself enthusiast.

I love life and being alive. Just being able to experience all of this beauty around me, absorbing precious gifts from this inexhaustible bag of goodies that have been given to us when we came earthside makes me ecstatic.

I need a name.
Let it come to me.
I can feel it coming.
This is going to be some new

from my notebooks, 2018.

Oil on paper. That’s how I name myself now. A soul guided creative living

So, hi again. I’m Marina, and this is my blog. I am what I say I am and I keep changing with the tides. Because tides are the only that are permanent.

So, if you have any questions or comments or you would love to collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact me on this page or comment on my recent posts on Instagram! I love hanging out there with people! If you’re up to the game, enter your e-mail at the bottom of the page to to get starated attracting abundance your way.

And remember – You are magical. I wish you a lovely time here and thank you for staying to the end. My blessings to you.

Marina Ćosić

I would love to give out all the good that I have inside of me. I want to create. I feel the change. I sense a project.

from my notebooks, 2018.