6 reasons I don’t post my child’s photos on social media (anymore)

When I started my Instagram journey some 5 years ago, I wasn’t thinking about anything. What is it all about, what I am posting, what are the possibilites, what could the outcome be. It was just curiosity, I guess.

I went with the flow and it truly took me years (like, 5) to realize what a powerful platform that was. In the beginning, I was posting whatever I thought I wanted to share (with whoever), and I would eventually run across big accounts that would leave my mouth wide open thinking how was that possible.

What am I posting and why?

And then I started posting photographs that I was taking all year long that would represent me as a photographer. Nature, some projects I was doing, portraits, and to be honest, I really wanted to get noticed. I had beautiful imagery, depth and I was soulful and smart, and I wanted people to notice. I have never asked myself why I wanted attention and what I had to offer. My grid was all about everything, I wasn’t making any real connections. I was posting just for the sake of it.

Strategy – zero. Education – zero. The effort put into it – zero. I cannot say I was thinking that photos of my baby boy would get me more views and likes, but I did think they would make my feed look prettier, attractive and inviting. I thought it would melt people and make them want to connect with whoever was on the other side. And I also wanted to share that side of my life. I was a full-time stay at home mama (whatever that means) and most of my life was all about that boy. That was my reality.

And as I can remember, yes, photos with that cute little face would regular get more engagement.

All until one day that got me woke on the subject when a worm of doubt crept into my belly. I decided I would delete all of his photos from all my social media accounts.

So, what happened?

I posted a photo of him, cute as he can possibly be, naked, but his intimate parts hidden within the pose he was in. I was thinking for quite some time if I should post it or not. He was sitting after he woke up, reminding me of a similar photo I have from my childhood, with his hair still long and wild looking. My wild one. My Starseed.

And among a few nice comments, I got two private messages from two different friends on Facebook and Instagram, saying I should consider if I wanted to share photos like these.

One of them told me about a case in my country when her sister or a friend found a digital camera on the beach of our beautiful Croatian coast that someone had obviously forgotten by accident. They wanted to return it to its owner, and they went to see who was on the pictures so they can find the person. What they have found was shocking. The camera was loaded with photos of little children on the beach, zoomed, naked, in bathing suits, playing, naping, swimming. There were loads of photos like this, with no other people on them. They took it to the police, and for me, this story was over and just about enough.

Another friend contacted me and said something very similar to this, and I think it was all the same day. She got information from someone working in the police that they have found websites where pedophiles put photoshopped photos of them with small kids they have found on the internet. Like, tell me no more.

This thing is REAL. I wasn’t thinking at all. My gut was giving me signals all the way from the very beginning and at that moment, I decided I am taking all of his photos off from my social media accounts. I did it and I never looked back, I have never had seconds thoughts.

How others are doing?

I so love seeing beautiful feeds on Instagram and following the lives of several amazing mamas like Christina Sutra, Arianna, Jenna Kutcher, Beth Kirby or Dani who are posting photos of their children regularly. It fits into their stories and style, it makes their feeds look beautiful and I’m sure once they look back and scroll down years after they will feel amazing about what they have created. I support them and cheer them on, I praise them and will continue doing as long as their stories resonate with mine.

It’s just that… that’s not me.

At one point, when I have realized I can create my business online and when I decided to go that way, I knew I can grow my following, create meaningful connections, engage with my audience run my business without sharing it all.

6 reasons why I’m not posting photos of my child on social media

  1. My business does not have to involve my family. I can create relationships with my followers on emotional levels without my child or my husband in it. My business is not about my family. It is outside of it, no matter how they intertwine.
  2. My child has the right to live freely. That means he doesn’t have to carry the burden of being exposed to so many people, without even knowing it.
  3. My child’s identity is his to develop and explore. He has the right to develop himself in his own pace, his own way, not being introduced to others through me and my experience.
  4. Energy is powerful and it affects us in many ways. Even through social media, even just when looking at someone’s photos and projecting, consciously or unconsciously, emotions, thoughts, behavior. We are all an endless net of information and are as such connected.
  5. I am creating memories by being present. And not by documenting his growth in front of hundreds or thousands of people he doesn’t know, will never meet and has nothing to do with.
  6. I am finding meaningful ways to grow my following and business, and not relying on my child to carry the burden of helping me do so. There is another way.

All this doesn’t mean I won’t ever be sharing a single photo of him, or that you won’t be seeing him on my Instagram stories, or similar. My son is just not going to be a part of my vision of how my business should look like. And that’s it.

And as for you…

There is no ‘one fits all’ solution. You do how you feel and what seems right to you and for your family at this moment. If you ever feel to change, one way or the other, you do that.

If this has touched you in any way or if I have just put a bug into your ear (if that’s an expression where you come from) and I made you think about it, then you do so. Think about it. See what matters to you and set your priorities. Don’t let the trends lead your way and dictate how you do what you do.

If you resonate with this or you’re having second thoughts, leave a comment and maybe I can help.

Be present. Stay aware. Enter consciousness. And make your moves from there.

Much love to you,


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