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5 business tips if you’re just getting started

I’ll make this short and sweet. I know a few things about you, and if you haven’t started yet, you’re just about to roll into entrepreneurship. Or at least you’re thinking about it. Am I right? A few years ago, I honestly thought that running a business was not for me and that it meant wearing high heels and a laptop all day long, using strange words, and being busy. About a year in and a lot has changed. Subtract high heels, the rest was true.

As a ‘just-getting-started’, you’ll have a lot of questions, doubts, and fears, a lot of procrastination, and rethinking. I’d love to share everything I know all at once, but for starters, here’s what I want to you to write down, put it on your desk, wall, journal, planner, and read it every day. My 5 business tips if you’re just getting started. 

5 business tips if you’re just getting started

So here are my 5 very important tips to you if you’re just getting started with your soulful, heart-lead business.

1. Do not compare yourself to others. First things first. Comparing yourself to others will make you feel less worthy. The most common thing is that we compare our start with someone’s months, years, decades in the business and that leads to belittling yourself. What you got is as valuable as what you see others have, and you need to make your way up from the very bottom. It takes time. 

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2. Create over consuming. Consuming a lot of content will distract you from what is important in your business. Your goal is to show your competencies and create content to build your credibility. Researching, learning, observing for the sole purpose of growing your brand is one thing, getting down the rabbit hole of comparison, mouth-watering and eye-rolling is a waste of time. 

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Failures are a part of the journey

3. If you fail, it doesn’t mean you should quit. Failing is just one side of the hustle, it is one way of doing things and look at it no different than that. Failing is the process, not the end of the process. When you fail, you think about what lead you to there, you change things and try again. Transform, innovate, and experiment. Do not fear.

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4. There is always room for more. What you do has likely been done before, am I right? ‘But, where do all yoga teachers fit in?’, you ask. Chances are if you have something to sell, there is someone to buy it. Furthermore, people change, and so their businesses do, too. Once a yoga teacher, now a reiki healer, and this where you come in. When you decide to swap yoga teaching for online yoga classes, someone who worked hard enough will slip into your old place. Recycling is a natural process.

Cut the excuses

5. You’re doing business, cut the excuses. Every time something is not working, you are likely to go into the victim mentality mode. It’s always the market, the algorithm, the lockdown, the competition, the marketing strategy that went wrong. There is no time for self-pity in business. Either you’re in or you’re not. If you want to build your dream job, you better change every single cell in your body to support the leveled up version of yourself that you want to become. Running a business is like swimming in the ocean. There is a lot of fish you need to get to know and still you will never know what lies beneath. Uh, I like how that sounded. 

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There you go. In conclusion, I’m not talking about a business only, this is life. This is personal growth, this is you expanding. This is not you working hard, this is you adapting to become who you want to be. The hard work is the transformation; the process. Trust it. Flow in it. 

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It wasn’t the shortest, neither was it the sweetest, but there you go.

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